I would be interested to hear any opinions on round versus reminder rib grips. I have a preference for the reminder ribs. I notice Homer in The Golfing Machine, says reminder ribs restrict hand motion (will have to verify reference).

I don’t see how reminder grips could restrict hand range of motion… I have a few sets that have them and they certainly don’t in my swing…

I like them as long as they are reminding you of a good place put your hands… not a bad place!


I finally found the reference to “reminder grips.” Section 7-10, page 103. This is a new addition to the 7th edition. Homer is talking about the importance of taking the grip in the impact fix position. He comments, “However, without realizing it, a major disturbance to hand motion are ‘reminder grips’.”

Normally I can’t stand reminders but the Staff 4 Wood I’m using has a Neumann Wrap and a rib that’s on like 40 degrees strong. It’s kinda interesting and it’s in a good place. I’d still like it better without it but the way it is I can still adjust my grip to cut it or hook it and it feels better than if it was on the bottom. It rests against the top of my left palm and it hooks the right fingers in. Something different for anyone who likes them.