Sorry if this has been addressed in post.
One of the sets i train with and play with is Lag’s old Aussie blades which i believe was Two’s then went to Lag then Mac’s. Anyways i love the cord grips on there but love the feel of the reminder grip underneat.
I want to regrip them because of wear thruout yr how do i build the tape underneat to feel the same way? I love the firmness in my hands and want to duplicate.
Are there certain amounts of wraps? One side heavier than other? Or should i cut one grip off and try to figure it out.

Do they still have the Tour Cords on them? I think I just put 3 wraps of masking tape… one wrap of double back tape… and the grips themselves might have some kind of reminder built into them.


I had a friend who wanted a some mid-sized grips put on his clubs and he wanted reminders also. Well… they don’t make any mid-size grips with reminders in them so I had to come up with a way to do it.

After looking around I came across some sprinkler head flags that were attached to a piece of stiff wire a little thinner in diameter than a coathanger. I cut them to the correct length and then attached them to the underside of the shaft with a piece of masking tape at the top and bottom of the grip area. From there I just applied double-sided tape and installed the mid-sized grips as normal. These might have been the best feeling reminder grips I’ve ever felt!!!

Not totally sure if that’s the question you’re asking, but thought I’d throw that out there.



I use coathangers, and they work great. Just cut off the bottom part and tape it to the backside of the grip.


I think you can still buy those tour cord grips on e-bay for $2 a piece (search innovation grips). three layers of masking tape and then the double sided tape is right as Lag said.