Grip Pressure!

I was browsing around the net on this topic and came across this forum thread linked here below.

I find it interesting how the thought of amateurs gripping the club to tightly is in fact not gripping the club tight enough while keeping their wrists free. Pretty good read if you got time.

This is exactly what John is teaching us in Module 5. Keeping a solid, firm, and constant grip pressure while keeping the wrists oily and supple! Its a must!

Here is a quote from a user on that forum that I have linked above:

One of the main reasons to grip the club firmly is to add support for slightly off centered strikes. We want to minimize clubface rotation or deflection through impact on miss hits. Golf is not a game that scores you only on super pure flush shots. Sometimes flush shots end up past the pin leaving a more difficult downhill putt than a ball that was struck slightly off center that ends up cozy down right and below the hole. I feel I have to be a bit extra careful when I am really striking it top notch. A loose grip might help a player slot the club better, but if that grip remains loose, that player better strike it dead center flush. The other problem with a loose grip is that sometimes players will then tighten the grip pressure in the fingers on the way down which adds a huge timing element to the swing, and can change the spacial awareness sensation of the golf club at a most critical moment just prior to impact.

Maintaining a constant grip pressure throughout the swing is what I strive to train students here to accomplish.

Two Thumbs up on this one!!

My issue is still wanting to tighten up on the downswing and prior to impact. It has helped alot, to train myself to start with that tightening up feeling at setup and keep that constant! You be surprised how far you can hit the ball if you keep that constant pressure throughout! When I tighten up my grip anywhere during my swing…my wrists locks up and forearms starts to tense up. This is a huge swing wrecker for me. Amazingly my swing now feels like a short fast back and thru swing.

I can attest that a firmer grip helps on your mishits. I unfortunately still hit my good fair share of toe shots. Distances lacks a lot, but they all go relatively straight. I feel no twisting in the club head on my mishits. At least i have that going for me! hahah :smiley:

Nice Bspek!!..
This is a great light bulb for me!
Until I got to ABS I was always trying relax my grip… death to most shots and the timing element became impossible to master…
nowadays by gripping EXTRA FIRM, I’ll hit an iron approach or tee on a par 3… my miss is usually closer to the toe and thin…
and I"ll think : “crap that didn’t feel too good…” When I get to the ball, I’ll be on line with intended line , usually :slight_smile:
and often on the green or just a few steps short… with good chances to save par…
Definitely not the out come I used to have…

Great topic guys! Just look at Nick Price…he couldn’t waggle the club the way he does with a loose grip…imo he is presetting grip pressure and all the other pressures in his body before he starts his swing…his would be a good waggle to study and copy. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: