Greens Crew

Once a year the greens crew comes through the canyon, and they just finished up yesterday. So I took a hike down and picked up a year’s worth of golf balls. Nicely mowed, and they are all right there easy to see and pick up. About two large buckets worth over the course of a year. Probably one from me and one from students.

That’s a wild picture in more ways than one! Are those wild goats on public property, or are they being raised on private property. Can’t say I like that elevated tee arrangement you have there…looks like a long steep drop to me!

The owner of our range has threatened to put 500 goats on the range property in response to the township often being a pain in the ass on improvements, and code issues. The property is still zoned agricultural so he can legally do it. As he said, "if they think I raise a stink, wait till the township gets a load of goat up their noses. :laughing:

Cool pictures Lag…is there a smell downwind?

Look I think I can spot a couple of mine on the far left :laughing:

Great picture Lag…

Are they Rent-a-Goats? That’s pretty big business up in the Northwest. It’s got to be the best job ever- nomadic suburban goat herder… sign me up!

I see them in the distance upon the hills faraway. Then they descend into the canyon, mow the grass with great precision, and after 5 days, they move to greener pastures.