Greenkeepers in the historic context

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i´m currently writing a job profile about Greenkeepers on one of my thesis papers. Unfortunately i´m having a bit of a problem finding informations on Greenkeepers in the historic context - how did it start, how did it develop over the centuries. I have quite a bit of information about the current situation in Germany/UK/US but not very much on the past.

Do any of you have a link where i could find some further information on this topic - that would be really great!


I think it started with goats… then humans thought they could do better… not sure however if perfect surfaces actually produce better players… in fact I am sure this is not the case.

I’ll see if I can come across something…

Nice piece here from Jim Arthur, who was said to be Britain’s leading golf course agronomist, and who advised on the maintenance of some 550 British golf courses during a long career including preparation the courses for both the Open and Amateur Championship events. In 1997 he published “Practical Greenkeeping“, still in print and regarded as a classic in its field and the bible of greenkeeping.

Some golden advice for sure

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The beauty of Augusta is mesmerizing. But I wonder how much money, time, and effort have been spent by owners and architects, trying to mimic its look(“Augusta-tize it” as Johnny Miller says), when a St. Andrews-type course…in terms of grasses and firmness… would have been a more appropriate economic and enjoyable goal?

The grass is always greener on the other side…

Thanks Arnie, this will do just fine in giving me a historic overview.

I´m writing this thesis with the focus on giving kids who might have a though choice in finding a job fresh out of school a positive perspective on a profession, which, at least in Germany, is still open and available for trained professionals as well as untrained people. IMO they might find this profession quite appealing, considering their alternatives, as long as somebody tells them about the opportunity. And although Greenkeeping is only a small niche, it still provides jobs, and every job counts for these kids.

As you probably can figure out, by having this approach, it wouldnt make too much sense criticizing the profession or the way in which it develops.

The biggest sin golf has made has been replacing kids as caddies for golf carts. Caddying was the best way for kids to learn the game, the rules, manners and if they were ambitious caddies, they would fight for a good bag and learn from a good player. The also met influential community members, especially if they caddied out at the country clubs.

Let’s take the kids money so we can pay for a pretentious clubhouse and concrete cart paths and absurd amounts of water.

So we have golf carts with concrete paths everywhere that simply should not be there.