Great Tournament Footage

Just stumbled across this impressive effort on you tube. Some great tourney footage to enjoy old and new:

Havn’t really sent much time on it but some fun stuff like complete coverage of Pavins win at Shinnecock and some excellent footage of Woosie here from all sorts of angles if you are patient:



Wow, that poster has some great footage. I gotta bookmark this and go thru all of them at some point. Great one of C.Strange cursing out the gallery. Thanks Arnie!

The footage of the 95 US Open is great. What I find interesting and really nastalgic at this point is if you listen to Miller’s commentary about a minute in he talks about this tournament and what it will take to win and compares it to the last Open that was held there and their is no mention to “what was done to the course to set it up”, although I’m sure there were some changes, but probably minimal compared to whats done today. I can remember watching Opens back then, it felt right, today I loose my perspective when guys are hitting 6 irons from 195 yds. Seems the game is changing every year, its almost impossible to compare one play to the next. I think in 95 drivers weren’t significantly longer yet. The Great Big Bertha with the Professional ball was only going about 10 to 20 yards longer than persimmon and the USGA didn’t have to freak out a course like they do today, re designing it , building new tee boxes, ect. Today during Opens Johnny usually spends 10 minutes explaining how the course was changed to adjust to the new clubs. I just can’t wait to see what they do to Pebble Beach this year, if they don’t build new Tee Boxes or make the fairways 20 yards wide it could be a joke.