Great impact/ CP drill

About 1/2 way down this page ( there’s a clip of Jonathan Byrd performing a drill I’ve never seen before. He said it helps him to not get flippy (CF) post impact.

Looks like it could be useful for ABSers.

where’s the link, couldn’t find the video

Looks like Adam took it off his site…

what was the exercise?

Johathan Byrd’s coach (Mike Bender) put a shaft in the ground a few feet in front of JB. It was at a 45* angle, perpendicular to the swing plane. JB had to hit the ball under the shaft. His face angle was parallel the angle of the shaft post impact, stopping him from flipping the face closed.

I just emailed Adam Barr to see if he still has the video anywhere. Fingers crossed.

I saw it before they removed it…good for face angle coming through but didn’t care for the fact that it made him stall and stop his swing about 24 inches after he hit the ball… gotta continue onwards with the swing otherwise you fix up one thing but create another
I have watched Byrd play for years… I don’t know how long…how long has he been on tour?..9 -10 years?..I don’t honestly ever remember him having the flips thru the ball like he tried to say he had and fixed in the past 2 years with that drill under Mike Bender.
What he is doing spells danger long term for something else… I don’t like drills that stop you mid swing…the swing should never be stopped or slowed with any drills or any ball beating when going back, coming down or going through… because it will train the muscles to do something that they aren’t or shouldn’t be accustomed to doing and eventually screw up the sequence of events that make up a fluid dynamic swing…
the swing is one full motion from start to finish… NO stopping or starting wanted

Unless we’re working on the modules… :wink:

the modules we don’t stop…we use the bag with force delivered…it’s done that way for a reason so the swing is kept going and the muscles are still working and activating…we are never slowing our body or the club down on any of the module work

True, there is a distinct difference. I’m going to brainstorm a bit here…

If you wanted to perform this drill with an impact bag so you wouldn’t have to slow/stop the motion on your own you could place it on a chair. Parallel to the target line, a few feet in front of your lead foot. Perhaps, hang one end of the bag over the chair… As you make contact with the ball and continue up the plane you will run into the impact bag.

I think I just created Module 2.5, lol.

We never want to stop the club during the swing unless we are met with a resisting force such as an impact bag. Training the muscles to stop on the downswing or post impact before PV5 is golf swing poison.

You can drink the poison out here in the public forum, but students will not be drinking that poison in the student private ABS area… :smiling_imp:

Wise words all

“Hopes Guiness isn’t ABS poison, or i’m f&*ed”

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It’s actually cold, it just feels warm compared to the temperature outside. :confused:

Guinness isn’t served warm but it certainly warms the soul…

Strangely enough, I only drink Guiness Extra Cold…

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