Great Ball Strikers of all time - links to footage and pics


Thought it might be fun to have a thread with some links to footage and segments on the great ball strikers of all time, so heres a few favourites to start:

Charle Sifford

Roberto De Vincenzo

Lee Trevino

Gary Player

Peter Thomson

Doug Sanders

George Knudson

Bernard Hunt

Mickey Wright

Gay Brewer and Billy Casper

Thanks Arnie for the great links… much appreciated!

Time for some Hogan stuff? :mrgreen:

Ben Hogan Short Iron
Ben Hogan 4 Wood
Ben Hogan 6 Iron
Ben Hogan 4 Iron
Ben Hogan PW

Hogan compilation

Hogan home video

The home video has some awesome slow motion demo at 7 minutes and Hogan actually speaking!!

Hogan slo mo

Great stuff guys!


Wow, welshdentist! Thank you for putting up the link to this hogan home video! amazing stuff. wish I could make out more of what he was saying.

Well done lads!

looking forward to delving into these vids over time like a good book…

I have only seen the Mickey Wright one so far that Arnie posted but that was fantastic…keep it up…this is a great resource.

Mike Austin

I can’t say I have ever heard of him Lag. Is he more of a long drive guy? He seems to really drop that spine angle back and beyond coming into impact which to me looks like a power move and maybe not so much a control move?

You’re spot on…
Mike Austin still holds the world record for the longest drive ever in playing competition… Five hundred and something yards…
yes, with a persimmon driver! wow is right…

He played a bit on the tour… kind of a novelty act of sorts. He used to run around the Hollywood scene back in the 1960’s
I have heard, but certainly had an amazing talent for hitting some amazing golf shots…

He has a huge cult following… I’m sure there are others here that can tell us more about him… Al Barkow told me a few
crazy “off the green” stories!

Probably seen some of these Hogan photos but thought I would upload some. Images of lots of different positions throughout his swing

Next group of Hogan pics

Some more

Hogan sequence frames 1-3

Hogan sequence 4-6

Hogan 7-8

Hello to the lagpressure Advanced Ball Striking community.
I am grateful for all the informative images and shared thoughts.

The images re-inforce Mod-1, and Mod-1 re-inforces the images. An example is the Hogan “from-behind” view (DSC02072.JPG (17.09 KiB) ) toward the target line showing the backside of Hogan’s right hand and right arm. When lag instructs that the right hand must fully open in the right-hand only drill to build strength and range-of-motion, this image is dramatic reinforcement.

I am a new student and the Mod-1 drills are blazingly potent. It seems the potential benefit keeps expanding the more I do the drills. I believe they have already begun to install ability to sustain and feel increasing lag pressure into my swing beyond impact.

My golf competence is primitive despite twelve or so years of conscientious study. Lag and the lagpressure community is a goldmine of hard earned and ongoing experience that I wish I had the good fortune to dig into when I began the quest about thirteen years ago. Having a good deal of unfounded arrogance beat out of me by the last twelve years of my golf purgatory, maybe, hopefully, I am better equipped to appreciate, and learn from, the new world that has been set into motion here.



thank you for the wonderful images! If you have more keep them coming! :mrgreen:


Glad to hear you are feeling some good things and enjoying the Advanced Ball Striking Community… it might be kind to share some of your positive experiences
in the private student module #1 forum.

As much as I might like to claim breakthrough innovations in golf instruction, I am not teaching anything new, that the greats of the past didn’t either apply, understand or fully master. I too am a student of all the modules… I did a nice session of M#1 M#2 and M#3 today.