Grain Direction...

Very interesting comments on this website and others about Grain pattern on Persimmons.

I’m showing here one of my Persimmons. When I took it in for a new grip a couple years back it was quite the conversation piece.
However, I remember undergoing some “post purchase dissonance” when the employee/long time golfer told me that it was too bad that the grain was at 90 degrees to the face of the club. That it would eventually crack because of it.
I’ve since tortured the club over a two year period hitting all kinds of range balls and subjecting it constantly to the abuse of my still too steep swing to no ill effect…

Is there a consensus or solid truth to a “best grain direction” ?


Hi Nutmeg,

There are a few paragraphs in the Maltby book on this issue. IIRC, the grain should be tight and with a slight angle towards the clubface. But I’m with you that if you’re good with it then that’s all that matters

Ideally most players want the grain to run into the hitting area, like your club. The grain on your driver is fairly typical of a good persimmon. Pureist would tell you the “best grain” would be a “U”, or Horseshoe shape starting up at the pear of the club head and running into the hitting area. The good horse grain indicates the wood is from the hardest part of the tree and gives you 2 benefits, a very hard block and a pleasing look.

That’s the look/direction/placement of grain I liked Freedic :exclamation: :exclamation:

Hi Two!
Yes… I Know. Like your Texan… :slight_smile:

Regardless of your grain preference… it’s sure nice to be having such a discussion again… compared with what color paint do you use on your frying pan.