Got my irons bent 6deg flat :)

Just got my Hogan ApexII’s bent 6 degrees flat and I think the guy wanted to fight me. Literally. He was super nice until I told him 6 degrees flat - then he started telling me how extreme that was and there is no way that I was fitted correctly and wanted to re-fit me, etc… It was crazy. I explained that I knew what I was doing and wanted them 6 degrees flat anyway and he suddenly just became a d*ck. I might end up buying my own bender down the road just so I dont have to give this dude $45 anymore. People are weird.

Think I’d have to be kneeling down to hit them 6 deg flat!! 1 oe 2 is far enough for me :wink:

Love this… i had a BS job at a local golf shop last winter and it was right as i was getting into ABS. so on my free time id be bending my iron sets and getting everything to ABS specs. so the guy who owns the place who sells knock off clubs that are made like callaway and taylormade GI clubs, begins to wonder what im doing and why im constantly tinkering with vintage blades and persimmon woods? so he winds up eventually questioning the fact that im not tyring to sell his garbage upright light weight wide soled cavity back cartoon clubs to people and i wind up getting asked to quit. was no problem, and luckily i can still go back to this place to work on my gear for free.

I love the stories of funny looks people get for being an ABSer!

i have played in tournaments with vintage irons for almost a year now. i just recently played in 2 tournaments with the persimmon as well. a cold putter kept me from shooting in the 60s in 3/4 rounds =[

if im not playing persimmon, i use titleist pt 3 wood, and 975D. i also have a frying pan that i hate, but it makes its way out of the trunk for anything over 7000 yards.

would be fun to hear more stories of people getting weird looks or comments for flat lies and archaic gear.

It is really strange. To me anyone bringing in an old set of blades probably knows what he is doing in the first place. Its not like I was asking him to bend some G20’s or something. He kept telling me he knew what he was doing and that this was extreme and that if he broke one it wouldn’t be his fault, etc… Funny.

I look forward to getting back to the point where I can compete with these clubs again… Just got a set of TP’s off of ebay and look forward to playing those bigtime. Haven’t hit one since probably 1988 or so. First time i shoot in the 60’s with my new set will be priceless.

Its really amazing how fast u adapt to flat lies…After a couple months of playing and practicing flat lies…go grab u a standard modern iron and see how far that toe points to the sky when u set up and hit…

To me I sometimes feel like the toe is pointing back at my forehead! :laughing:

Thats funny. I wonder how those RBZ’s will feel in a few months. I remember when the ping eye2’s first came out in the 80’s… This old guy I used to play with named Mack Kirby called them fish heads. He said it looked like someone cut the big old head off of a fish and stuck it on the end of a shaft. He was in his sixties and still a scratch player with blades and persimmons. So, I guess that says it all.

About 3 months into starting ABS, I hit some Ping shovels on the range. I was just about incapable of making solid contact with them. Once you know you can hit blades well, there is no reason not to play them. They look better, feel better, sound better, and there’s no question my ballstriking has improved and continues to improve because of them.

Such great stuff!

It took me 3 shops to finally find a guy to bent my gear he does a set of irons for $15.00, so I havent’ taken the plunge to get a lie/loft machine! The other boobs I tried to get to bend them … said: “why do you want to do this, NO ONE hits irons that flat…’’,
Next thing I expected to hear ; " who is Ben Hogan…” :laughing: