Good quote

I just came over this quote that I thought was fitting for ABS:

[i][b]I think Hitting is going to become far, far more popular than Swinging
with the real blood-thirsty golfers, the money-hungry golfers. They’re going
to go to Hitting because it is…they have total control; much better finesse;
more positive control of Power; and less total body involvement.

It is far more difficult to learn, but far easier to execute
when you get it. Oh, it’s so simple. Nothing ever happens. Nothing ever gets
out of line. You just take it up and come down. And you can slam it as hard
as you want to if you stayed with this Right Forearm alignment.

And you’ll find all of a sudden you don’t have to ‘throw’ the
club. Just come down any speed you want and it just comes right through.

And not having to ‘Rotate the Plane Lines’ [Ed: to curve the Ball.] – gee,
that’s a tremendous advantage. But, it is harder to learn, but lots
easier to execute once you’ve learned it. Much more individual. You feel like
you’re controlling every little ingredient."

"I think it’s great.[/b][/i]

Some of you may know it already. But the rest of you can try to guess who this came from. :wink:

I have a vague memory of it being… Homer Kelly? Not 100% sure though.

Homer’s hitting replaces the right arm throw with a right arm thrust. Not really what we are working towards, but still a cool quote.

You score dthiele. It was Homer Kelley.

Big fan of Homer, but as it turns out you have to rotate the plane line to hit it a ball off the turf straight. :astonished:

First I can’t believe this came from Homer. Surely it isn’t in TGM and must have come from him directly later in his life? I always associated Homer/TGM and their followers as swing advocates tried and true? But then saw some TGM guys who seemed to later move to more hitting (Like Tomasello in his private vids).

But maybe it is just me and how I am wired but I don’t understand why I keep hearing hitting is more difficult. It boggles my as hitting is easier FOR ME. I feel much more in control and “natural” using my dominant side and trying to whack ball hard to target. Maybe I have too much animosity in me or something and I subconsciously want to take it out on the ball?

I’d argue most males are raised to have natural hit urges because of the sports we are exposed to while young (mainly baseball, hockey) and it just seems one wants to use dominate side for any physical tasks. I have a golf club to my friends twin 7 year olds who never swing one before. They both looked like they were trying to hit.

I also put a lot of credit in what someone like Lag/Two say as they HAVE put in the time with both protocols. I don’t have talent OR time to have that luxury. (Although Daryl at LB forums argues Lag is a swinger…)

My only concern is WHICH one is more accurate AND is distance always going to be LESS potential compared to swinging.

NO! Homer was a “hitting aficionado” . . . . self described in the tapes . . . . BUT his version is MUCH different that what is prescribed here . . . but that is no doubt a Homer quote . . . actually when Tomasello was introducing him to I think it was the PGA in South Kacklacka . . . Tom was dissing hitting saying it would hurt your back and you couldn’t do it when you got old . . . Homer took the stage likely disturbed by Tom dissing hitting . . . AND DROPPED DEAD . . . heard it on the tapes . . . evidently Phil McGleno accused T-Double of whacking Homer???

It is significant to be aware that Homer Kelley and Lagpressure must have been looking at a lot of the same swings when they formed their opinion about ball striking. They both share the view that e.g. Hogan had a pretty good stroke. Learning to hit the ball like Hogan from a HK student or Lagpressure would certainly be a very different learning process, and probably with two different outcomes as well, since no one is able to hit it like Hogan in any case.

I actually think the ABS hitting and the TGM hitting is striving towards similar strokes, at least in cases which is ABS compatible. (Remember that TGM covers a wider scope of stroke patterns while ABS is a much more focussed approach.) Homer and Lag would certainly go about it very differently while trying to teach someone to hit it like Hogan, Snead, Senior, Greg Norman etc. They would disagree on what really makes those strokes tick. But the difference is more about seeing the same stroke different than targeting a different stroke.

Let me also add that the typical TGM description of a typical TGM hitting stroke always seem to underplay the role of the pivot. They may say that a right arm thrust powers the hit, but if you look at what the good hitters (per TGM) actually do, their strokes are no less pivot driven than what we learn here at ABS.

There are also a few other topics that I think isn’t addressed corrrectly in TGM. One is the claim that the right shoulder should ideally thrust down plane. If you thrust down plane and CF pulls the club out, the hands to fly out of the swing plane. So if you want to prevent a plane shift through impact by thrusting you have to aim the thrust under plane to keep the hands on plane. And the easiest way to thrust under plane is to thrust from somewhere over the plane. That would be from a right shoulder that is over plane. In other words a flat shoulder turn that turns on a higher plane than where the hands move, as Lag teaches. But this is an inconsistency in TGM and also a descripancy between theory and praxis - and the praxis (at least in some camps) is more in line with a good stroke than the theory, IMO. So there are a few important flaws in TGM that makes it difficult to sort out how to reach the goal which is to hit the ball with a tonn of lag pressure and a prestressed shaft and as little slowing down of the hands due to release and impact as you can produce. Of course it is difficult to learn this from scratch if no one is there to emphasise that the pivot is the main engine…

As far as torqing the club goes, both ABS and TGM emphasize bringing a prestressed shaft through impact. The ABS torqueing is a two handed torque effort, and we train both hands to do the same task, basically. The TGM torquing is more of a push-pull action with pressure point # 3 pressure added to stress the shaft. I am still only in Module #1, but from what I’ve learned so far I believe that the ABS module work is a superior way to educating the hands to take charge in the stroke (educated hands is also a big topic in TGM, btw). But I also beleve that the push-pull torquing that is embedded in TGM is more in line with what actually will happen in a well executed ABS hitting stroke when you fire the pivot hard.