Good choice for ABS?

Any knowledge on the year/model/playability of the Stan Thompsons shown below? I’m looking for my 1st clubs to flatten and begin my “hitter” protocols. Any thoughts?


Looks like a green “Dynalite” Tru Temper band on the shaft.

Lets get some more angles. Shaft pics, grips, face angles, etc.

Might need a touch of ABSing…lag would know for sure. Id play em all day!

Those sticks are pretty cool. Cheers!

Stan is the man who created the first hybrid, the original ginty Club. A laminate of which I own two and still game one. Never have tried his irons but betting on the other clubs I think you have something you can make work there.


What wedges are you currently playing? Still the 50 ° PW and 56 ° Gap MT Split Soles and 20 or 90 Wilson
56 ° Sand Iron?