Golfing on the edge

I know I posted these years ago, but I think they missed the 2014 cut.

Still how I feel I play the game.


Neil, could you elaborate on these diagrams please? I presume you mean that your personal is geared towards the bottom diagram, as in you align left and “push” it toward the target (and set up your swing so that you can’t miss left of the green shaded stripe very often), is that right?

Yeah, top one is a conventional (or my old) set up. Everything square, erect spine, left ball position, 3 o’clock entry to the ball. From here left or right are possible.

Bottom is my set up after Mod 8. Spine tilt, back ball position, 4:30 entry. From here, you aren’t going to start it left. So aim the feet left and hit it right.


I thought so. I apply a very similar approach myself

It captures the genius of Hogan’s setup system, very cool NRG.

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