Golf Shoes (Spike height)

My spikes were worn down and I replaced them with newer spikes over the weekend. Wish the golf courses would let us use real metal spikes, but they dont.

Anyways, my first outing with my new spikes and i totally notice the height difference from the ground. I felt a lot taller. Sad to say my ball striking was horrible that day! I couldnt flush the ball the way i wanted too. Maybe i was trying to find an excuse, but before putting on the new spikes, i was puring it.

Could the difference in spike height effect my low point?? Does this effect the pros at all who have a sound swing ? I was just wondering if anyone experience this before and had to make adjustments.

Maybe i was just having one of those days! haha

Back to practicing and drilling!

I dont know about you guys, but i like the feeling of having my feet as close to the ground as possible. Having spikes that sit me up taller feels to weird for me. Ill give these spikes a couple tries at the range, if i cant get use to them, ima ditch them and get some that sit alot lower…On the other hand, this could promote more knee flex to get down to the ball.

Unless your tee boxes and fairways are made of concrete, you should be sinking into the ground somewhat with those spikes. You may want to try to dig em in a bit when you take your stance. You’re probably too used to sneaker/plastic spikes that don’t have any grip to dig in with. Wiggle your feet like you’re in a sand bunker and they should settle down nicely and give you a great grip on the ground.

If you at the range hitting off of mats then spiked shoes will feel weird. They won’t sink into the plastic mats much and you will probably lose traction. Might as well wear sneakers on those mats. I usually do if I have to hit off them (uggh). Grass is so much better to hit off.

Once you get a good feel for spikes (real spikes), you feel like you can rip at the ball without worrying about slippage. Just watch it when walking on concrete though. They turn into ice skates. :smiley: