Golf Getaways!


If this isn’t the greatest golf vacation deal of all time I challenge anyone to top it.

This is a little more money, but three meals a day. all tips, green fees, and lodging…
and Pinehurst…!




Boy we’ve got it good with today’s swimming costumes.

Makes you wonder what they’ll be like in another 50 years.

My ad agency created that Grand Cypress ad almost 25 years ago. Greg helicoptered in and landed on the golf course…pretty impressive. We had him change outfits a couple of times for different shots, and it became apparent that he was going “commando” for the day.

I guess when your moniker is The Great White Shark underwear is optional.

Hello Dukeman,

Is that Steve Williams caddying in the ad and Greg Norman’s shirtsleeve?

I believe it is Steve Williams, but I can’t confirm. I was not a big enough golfer back then to care. I don’t think people paid as much attention to caddies at the time, either.

Yep 100% Steve

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