Golf Bag- personal designs

Thought I would let everyone know i have a great contact in the golf bag industry. See below the design of my new pro style bag that should arrive in a few weeks time.
Got it made up in Green & Gold for Australian colors and you can also select what you want written on the bag in many different areas. They have all styles and shapes, men & women. Anyone interested let me know and if we get a few interested I am sure I can work out a discount rate for a few orders at once through my contact.
I am not 100% sure of pricing for everything as yet, but can find out. This big 10 inch bag cost me $450 with all the graphics work done, special order coloring in certain areas and shipping from overseas, where it is made, which is a steal in my opinion. I would have to think carry bags cart bags would be much less than that.
The guy is a former World Cup player and has made a few bags for players in Europe and the Asian Tours…Can’t wait for it to arrive…

That’s great. If I ever get good enough to deserve one, I’ll have him make me one too.