God is a Mexican

The commentator is apparently a big ABS fan… :confused:




Awesome… Thanks for this Bom…
You must have the killer instinct

yeah that’s a good video Bom…he’s been in The Vault for about a month or so now

Thank you BG222,

I enjoyed it.

Great stuff Bom. Thanks.
Trevino…what a colorful character.

Thanks so much for this I really enjoyed it.

It’s hard to find Trevino ‘stuff’ out there… which is a shame.

Here’s some nice swings of Trevino- I made this ages ago- sorry about quality, I am much better at editing and such these days


AA has a couple posted also



And for those that haven’t seen it- this interview on the last channel you would imagine (CNBC or Bloomberg?) is a good one covering lots of different topics


No plumbing.
No electricity.
Dirt poor.
Fun loving.
A human lightning rod…
IF you beat him, you earned your check.
After he beat you, could you ever forget?
Great memories every way.

I was able to watch Trevino play when I was a kid and he was in his prime. He hit it so pure with such an unbelievable consistency I couldn’t image anyone being able to beat him. It was amazing to watch him have an ongoing conversation with the gallery while playing at a level I had never seen before.

He may have tailored some of his swing after Hogan but his interaction with the crowd was polar opposite. If Hogan was the best ball striker ever I would have loved to have seen him play.

Barkow told me the other day his top five strikers were
De Vicenzo

Great stuff here- the whole match is there but I’ll just post the first clip. This guy’s channel has some magic on it, lots of Shells matches and different swings…

I was watching some of the match and was struck by a 2i shot Trevino took. That thing looked like a hockey stick!

Here is that shot of Trevino’s 2i next to Tigers 2i. I know angles may be contributing to some illusion but it is still a pretty pronounced difference in lie. Both equally unbelievable with that club.

I’m having trouble viewing the picture, may just be my settings at work :slight_smile:

569 yard par 5. Nobody can reach it in 2 with Driver-3W. It’d be Driver-7 iron these days. Thanks for pointing out this match. I love the old Shell series.

And just to think, there were no gunshots in the background. No threats of drug violence to put the fans/players in jeopardy. Didn’t see any headless bodies hanging from any bridges either.

Captain Chaos