Gil Hanse and the 2016 Olympic Course in Rio

I think Gil Hanse is well deserving of his own thread. He is one of my favorite “modern” golf course architects. I put “modern” in quotes because I feel he should actually fall under the classification of a “classic” golf course architect, for he brings back many of the original fundamentals of course architecture. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through his website and think you guys will enjoy it as well. I feel he was the right choice to build the 2016 Olympic Course, even though he went up against a lot of “BIG GUNS”, including a few of my other favs.

I forgot he did the LACC work. I haven’t played it yet, but I have heard some good things about it… although there was not much wrong with the way it was before. I know the irrigation system was a big issue that needed to be replaced as the pipes were just wearing out.

I like the natural look to the bunkering.

The old way of building a golf course was far superior in my opinion. The priority used to be to find a great piece of property, then find the holes on that property. The new way is find the cheapest piece of property and see what large earth moving machines can do in an futile attempt to replicate a more appropriate property.
The modern courses do have better clubhouses and amenities in general… There are a few people doing it the old way on newer courses… Pumpkin Ridge, Bandon Dunes come to mind out west here.