George Knudson Complete Shell's Matches tee to green

What style and grace. I noticed many times the mention of his popularity with the fans. Seemed like a very kind man. And those cardigans, so classic! Also noted was the Spalding bag. Any ideas on what make/model George played?

More than likely George would have been playing the Spalding Synchro-Dyned being on the Spalding Staff. These were their top line club in the 1960’s. Certainly some customization at the factory for his specific specs. I have a set of these and they hit really well. By the 1970’s… he would have been playing the Spalding Professional “Bird on the Ball” which were basically a knock off of the Hogan Powerthrusts with the shaved toe.

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Those bird on ball were great looking clubs!

They still are great looking clubs!

It’s interesting to look at how they really were just a copy of the earlier Hogan Powerthrust with the toe weight shaved off. A real players club…

I prefer my clubs being designed by great players and strikers… Hogan making clubs… or Toney Penna who designed the majority the great MacGregor releases in the late 40’s - 50’s.

There is so much more to a golf club design than how it performs in a lab wind tunnel.