Gary Player's cable-pulley exercise

What do you think of the first exercise Gary Player is doing in this video?

Player is doing a golf swing movement using a cable-pulley system. I heard Sergio’s dad had him do a similar exercise as a kid, but used a rubber band tied to a door frame.

For those of us with injured elbow’s or wrists (I have Tennis Elbow), this seems like a good alternative strengthening exercise vs. Module/Drill 2.


I did similar things years ago and found them not to be particularly helpful. The golf swing is a very precision oriented undertaking. If you already have a precise golf swing like Gary Player, then I can see how that could be helpful… but we can get a very good muscular training using one arm swings with an actual golf club that will prepare us for an actual swing… much better than a motion such as a pulley that is not going to necessarily flow the muscles in the correct way.

Also, pulling down from the top to impact will cause most golfers to over accelerate. It would be better to start slower and pick up speed and strength through and beyond impact to help the player hold shaft flex.

That makes a lot sense Lag. I agree. I’ll stick to the 1-arm strengthening movements.