Gary Player and Golf Fitness

This a great old photo of Gary Player working out. He mentions the importance of working both sides of your body, just like we do in our Drill work. The night before his US Open victory, Gary was squatting 325 Lbs!!! Holy Shit! … ary-player

Some good advice there… thanks for sharing…

Heres Mr. Player talking about a pivot driven swing…forgive the sales pitch. Good stuff is 6m in.

I love this guys energy, I think Mr. Player would approve!

I’ve been using his programs for a couple of years with some additional rotational stabilization stuff and I have to say, I’m feeling younger everyday. It is especially helpful for older folks, as he has created a progression for every ability level. All his stuff is free except the program which is really cheap considering.

My knees hips and lower back are only getting better! Hope this helps you guys as well…