Gamma Fire Insert- Origin

Lags mention of this mythical insert prompted a google search in the waning hrs of my work day ,
:smiley: … and yielded the following cool article,
looks like finding one or a club with one would be a ’ holy grail’ find in the persimmon world!


[size=150]Looks like Joe Powell Golf has an offering of Gamma Fire ‘knock off’ with their Glass Trac Insert[/size]…

Hand-selected “U” grain USA Persimmon paired with one of the hardest insert materials in the industry make the perfect combination for the serious golfer. The Glass Trac insert is made of nearly 100 layers of micro glass fibers that are resin-bonded together, resulting in greater distance and accuracy in every shot. A great choice for today’s high-compression golf balls.

Features & Specifications:

Glass Trac Insert

Bored Thru Shaft

True Flex Frequency-matched True Temper Dynamic Shafts

Lofts: #1-10.5º; #3-15º;#4-18º;#5-21º

Length: #1-43"; Fairway Woods to Match

Hand-stamped Signature on the Head

Color: Dark Walnut
joe glass.jpg

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I think I have figured out what a gamma fire insert is …
Based upon different forum’s and great input from other’s who know a lot more that me.
One guy even confirmed with Mike Just how cool is that?

Gamma Fire is simply a marketing term for g10. There seems to be NO gamma or radiation; the big secret was that it was readily available from the plastics manufactures LOL
G10 is a phenolic ( based upon chemical composition of the resin)
It is a fiberglass product that has a very high rockwell hardness, hence the smash/ball compressing hitting factor

It comes in many colors even camo- knife makers use it often.
But. That green is the coolest or inserts

I have a Penna JS which I have flattened, shafted and weighted but the face had been re-sawn poorly before I got it
It’s time to change the face of this Battle Ax to a gamma fire.

Dang Newton!
Now thats what I call research!..kinda killed my fantasy about finding some ‘super- power’ insert
that would allow me to hit persimmon EVEN FARTHER past my ‘Modern Club’ buddies off the tee… :laughing:


One thing for sure about the Gamma Fire is that to reap the benefits, you need to catch most of the ball on the insert. :sunglasses:

I think it goes a bit farther than the fiber inserts or the ceramic inserts. A little hotter than the aluminum inserts from the old Macs also.

I know your right on catching it on the insert to see results!!
I think the longest club off the tee of the dozen + persimmon drivers I have picked up is an old Magregor
rt2w with the aluminum insert… it was my 3rd flattening project, got it at 51 deg. which I like !
Smallish head , more like a 3 wood , but man, when I hit this one on the ‘bullseye’ the ball screams :smiley: