Fun vintage gear days out for 2011

As its so cold over here at the mo, lots of daydreaming about next year. I thought it might be nice to have some different vintage experiences lined up for 2011 for the small, but perfectly formed, band of persimmon brothers who get together for a knock once in a while. So I managed to pick up a dozen Tour Balata 90 off ebay and thought that would make a fun day with the persimmon and blades at a nice old school course much like my own. Then I thought maybe get some 1.62 balls and go and play a nice links somewhere…that might be fun. Then maybe a Hickory Day Out down in Deal - might be pricey but a real experience.

Anyone got any other ideas I can add to my bucket list? :slight_smile:

Cheers, Arnie
Tour Balata.JPG

Yes… The TRGA Las Vegas Classic, January 14-16 at Las Vegas National Golf Club in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

You asked :smiley:


I sent my entry for TRGA today. Nice outing from my freezer.


Bit of a trip down to Kent for me, but i would be up for it.

Do you know if they hire the hickories out 6 flat?



Sounds like a decent plan brewing there!!
I’m keen to have a few days out and links is the way to go in my book.
Hunstanton and Royal West Norfolk anyone???
A hickory day would be fun… be nive to get the old hicks out again.

Count me in for a few “vintage” days out!!

Good call Robbo, won’t make it for 2001 but maybe 2012. The Euro’s are coming…how about a ryder cup Europe (Captain Bom) vs USA (Captain Lag) deal with persimmon and blades or lets get ROW, captained by Bradley, in there as well for a 3 way battle :wink:

Cheers, Arnie

Chris and Neil - be great to have you guys along for a persimmon and possibly even a hickory knock, I’ll look forward to that :smiley:

Cheers, Arnie

Hunstanton is one of my favourite ever links courses, perfect venue for this, I would be up for that.

Does this ever sound like a good time! As long as Bradley doesn’t call in that ringer he was chatting to on the range this week, then it should be all fair and gentlemanly. Though a challenge is always good…
Great topic, Arnie…

I LIKE it!!! Let’s keep this simmering - I think it has great potential.


Sounds great…!

Yep, ROW in. Beware the Steb, he played his first full round the other day with the Hogan Speed Slot persimmon and Slazenger Swingweight Plus 2 iron and shot a 2 over despite handicap blowing out from 8 to 12 lately. Boy is this game full of illusions (or one offs.)

Or are we playing off the stick?

Really :astonished: :open_mouth: that’s amazing Steb. Well done mate. 2 over gross first time out with the Hogans and Slazengers. I’m in awe. Right I’m definitely not playing you! :laughing: :slight_smile:

Cheers, Arnie

Aiguille, it would be a great pleasure to have you along.

Cheers, Arnie

Unfortunatley I am going to be relying on a Captains pick to make the team, and seeing as how I wore my trainers and jeans in front of the club house and tried to shag the Captains daughter, I think i am probably xxxxed.

I’ve got a country membership there so can organise something no problem

Nice one Chris!

I know a few Deal members…

Be up for vintage golf for sure :sunglasses:

My money is on the Captain’s team to have the last laugh :laughing: RR

“He was night putting, just a little putting at night… with the 15 year old daughter of the Dean”