Full Set Abs Spec in UK

This is a bit of a reluctant sale, however needs must - if anyone is interested drop me a message and I’ll send on pics etc etc.
Just thought I’d test the water for intrest here before I go to ebay.

1, 3, 5, Dunlop Maxfli (Apex4) persimmons
2-EQ (Apex 4) Hogan Pcs,
with a Mac M85, (reissue) gap wedge, a Hogan Apex (fort worth stamp) Sand Iron, and a Spalding TP5 putter (lag specs).

can also throw in a Hogan ICP (this is the only one not spec’d to abs standards)

All the clubs are in fine order, however the 2 iron will probably need regripped

All the work has been done within the past year by Neil (NRG) so quality is assured and definately done to ABS standards.

I’ll be looking for in the region of £250-300 + p&p for for the 16 clubs I’ve listed here.

Any questions please get in touch.


Still available?

not sure if SB is still frequenting the site, so just to let you know, I bought the irons & putters.


Hi Mjs8621,

I’m based in the UK and have plenty of of ABS spec sets - iron sets / persimmons / even some small headed titanium. Drop me a pm with what sort of thing you are looking for and I’ll let you know what’s available in the mancave :wink: Or get in touch with NRG who can build you a custom set in line with your preference.

Cheers, Arnie
Arnies stash (1).jpg