From a 3 years ago

This is when I THOUGHT I had a good downswing plane and hit it all over the world… (I blame the 60 degree lie angle) although I had an x-100 in it… I’d show you impact but don’t want to give anyone the dry heaves… :smiley:

You have no idea how much I’ve been trying to shallow the club out for a long time…

I know how much work is involved, to shallow out the swing. Still trying to get flatter on the backswing, and very flat coming in. Not 3 years into it, but about 9 months of very hard work. A good topic for the private section modules 4 through 7 on how to achieve this dynamic. Hard work, but with huge dividends.

Shallowing out stabilizes lowpoint. Allows the body and forearm rotation to turn much harder and aggressively into and beyond impact without fear of OTT. Discourages pivot stalling. Allows you to take advantage of flat lie geometry. Supported by many of the greatest strikers of all time.

You can’t really address the issue directly though. Better to work on what comes after slotting it deeper first… so that when you get down there into the right hip pocket, you will have the power and resources to get the job done… otherwise… it won’t help.

I’ll tell ya, I’m in love with the game again… Is it normal to feel sore in the back, hips, and hands after practicing and playing?.. No pain, just soreness like after a workout… Never experienced that before…

We use all sorts of strange muscles in a golf swing that Olympic athletes and ball players don’t use. This is why great athletes don’t always take to golf very well… it’s a very different thing.

New muscle groups need conditioning… but the soreness will go away over time.

Have you shallowed your swing out since that picture from 3 years ago. It seems from that steeper downswing you would have been forced to use more of a pivot stall and timing release through impact.

Good question, It’s something I’ve been working on since I put this swing on vid back then because have been studying Hogan, Snead, Nelson for a long time, I don’t study the modern tour players … The thing is I developed a nasty hook with it even before I found this site… If I would swing shallow,(or think I was) I would hook the crap out of it and pull my wedges… I knew long ago that gear was screwed up, but reading about equipment on here gave me the push I needed and now I have Driver-wedges setup like they should be… Now I can shallow it more without the ball hooking… I’m only playing tight shorter tracks with my Persimmons to work on it… I still pull the ball on occasion but it’s not horrible, (good misses)… I’m busting these Persimmons though, never hit it off the tee better in my life… Long way to go, but I’m dedicated… I will say one thing, the modern fairway woods really suck compared to what I have now. Don’t think I’ll ever use one again…