Fred Couples

I’ve said this for a while when Fred contends at the Masters and for me it’s hard to believe it’s nerves or age… My personal thoughts are that he doesn’t believe he can win at Augusta when he clearly has the talent and keeps up with the young guys… Maybe inside he does get nervous and starts flipping it into the trees, and just fools us with his laid back exterior… I’ve always been a big fan of his, but at the same time it takes one player out of the mix who anchors the putter… Personally I think it’s mostly mental… Your thoughts?

When you’re in your fifties, the base of your spine tightens and it can move around or lock up when you’re standing over a four foot putt. So you try and minimize the movement which makes it tighten even more, adding tension in your back and hands. By the end of 18, call for a stretcher. Freddie’s back looks a mess, one false move and it’s curtains. I can’t watch.

Agree Fontaine, mental. Played good Thurs. and Fri., but looked like he was trying to swing well Saturday. I thought it looked liked he went from his silky tempo to a guide swing, almost like his body went stiff and arms did not know what to do.

I was talking to Al Barkow recently and Couples came up in conversation… and Al thinks it’s absurd that he would be considered for the Hall of Fame. Hard to put him in and leave out David Graham of which I would agree.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch Freddie swing and play. I have great respect for someone who can accomplish as much as he has with a free flowing swinger’s release through impact. You need great concentration and confidence to be able to do it.
But he has hit some of the worst shots coming down the stretch over the years. The shot at Riviera more recently on 18 comes to mind.

Nevertheless, I always find myself rooting for him, and enjoy watching him play with such a unique style, flair and approach to playing golf. Not many can feel this game like Freddie does. I hope he plays well today at Augusta.

Al’s right. I don’t think he should get in. Certainly Angel Cabrera with two majors (maybe three) should go in before him. The Hall of Fame should have two wings–one for guys that are popular, well-liked and another wing for those players who golfed their ball.

I like Freddy’s California cool demeanor and love how he transitions the club, lots to learn there. I also liked a comment he once made about why he never answers the phone because someone could be on the other end. That’s funny. And cool.

how can you say a former world number 1 & major winner doesn’t deserve to be in hall of fame?

I know, it’s tough, emotion certainly plays a big role into inductions into Halls of Fame. It’s evident in other Halls. … ng_golfers

There’s lots of one-time major winners. There’s Jack Fleck, who took down Hogan. Should he be in because of his feat? What about Shaun Micheel?

I personally don’t have much of an opinion on Couples… I was just mentioning my conversation with Barkow who has been on similar committees over the years.

I would like to understand why David Graham is not in the Hall of Fame. Two majors (US Open and PGA) and one of the most memorable ball striking rounds on Sunday at the US Open at Merion hitting every fairway and every green.

The “Hall” is not based upon US Tour performance or Majors only. For example Isao Aoki is in the Hall of Fame, never won a major and only one PGA Tour event. But his record internationally speaks for itself and certainly supports his induction.

Nothing perfect about the Golf Hall of Fame…probably the same now with Football HOF and Baseball HOF also
The problem is ‘wanting to ADD players each year’…
If Fred Couples goes in why doesnt Ian Woosnam go in? He won a major and a truckload of European events and helped boost the Euro Tour. Why isnt David Graham in there with 2 majors and countless other wins?..Retief Goosen has 2 majors- Lee Janzen 2 majors and both are not in HOF…Hubert Green has 2 majors and is in HOF so why him and not others. Sandy Lyle 2 majors and is in there. Montgomerie is going in this year without a Major…but a worthy inductee because of his 7 Euro Money list wins and Ryder Cup record…
The guidelines are too conflicting as it becomes a popularity vote and not a golfing record and contributions vote in most instances…It is also a very USA based induction the way they do the voting as International golfers have to get a higher % of vote to be accepted etc etc.
In reality I dont think too many people really care about the Hall of Fame-- except probably the players who are in there, the players who have been left out that certainly have a case to be in there, and the people who run the Hall of Fame building/establishment who need people in there to keep interest in their display.
Anyone been there? that could shed light on what is on display… that would be about all I would like to see- some history of clubs or letters or clothes or something from the players who interest me the most.? Do they have that stuff or is it just mainly a plaque on a wall with their achievements listed?

Quite a display from Couples yesterday canning 12 birdies for the win.


He’s one of a kind, class stuff. An official win in each of the last 5 decades, I read the other day, amazing career.

Highlights from his 12 under round

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