Fred Couples' Swing

It’s a mesmerizing action, so much good stuff going on imo.

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I often think he’s hiding a hitter’s action in there somewhere.

Couples might be an opposite of Nicklaus’ you can’t release too early approach using a can’t release too late either approach.

Yeah, I’ve seen a few Couples chats where he talks about ‘releasing past the ball’, the complete opposite of Jack alright. The old feel vs real thing is fascinating, ‘one man’s cure…’ and ‘one man’s trash…’ etc.

It’s interesting how a thought added to what you’ve been doing for a period of time, can be like magic. But then later on down the line, when you’re not doing the things you had been doing, that thought doesn’t work anymore. I’ve had lots of discussions with people over the years about Tiger’s success under Haney, and it’s often pointed to as proof that Haney knew his stuff. But it’s really only towards the end of their time, when the Haney stuff was really ingrained, that I think you can see how rotten it was. I think you can see it generationally too, the low and slow/leg drive of the 70s and 80s vs the pre-set/dead legged stuff of the 90s, with Faldo being a good model. The fix worked initially based on what came before it, but by the end of it all you saw a lot of dead-legged/upper body arm waving flapper swings. And Faldo had a pretty short career really, he completely lost his game by the end of it. You could possibly see stack and tilt as a reaction/cure to that era, very short lived thankfully, but it had its casualties.

On a side note, lots of hard earned truths of the past are discarded so easily - ‘sticks and stones…’ stands out as one that seems completely lost on the current and recent generations, in a non-golfing sense.

Not sure what I did there but I deleted that Couples swing…