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Is it just me or has this forum kind of come to a hault? It used to be much more active and maybe its because people are afraid to say the wrong thing or just waiting for only Lag to provide insight. I know I have been at fault for having a fear that I wont know as much or I have a question that I want only Lag’s imput because he is very knowledgeable. I think we can learn from anyone who comes here and is hardcore for advanced ball striking. So I think I must change my mindset and hopefully others will want to do the same.

It is winter for quite a few members. Lots of golf forums are slow at this time. I think and hope that’s all it is.

Great observation and thanks for the imput! It could very well be that… I guess Im really fortunate to be able to play year round!

There is an incredible amount of information on this site running through the posts over the last few years. I find myself amazed at times when I look back at what is actually on here.

The public side of ABS here… is always available for golf related topics and discussion. The private side I focus on teaching students.

People will come and go… as in anything in life. We have had a lot of very prolific posters here, and I am sure there will be a lot of discussion moving forward.

I have been working on an overview series of videos that hopefully will help condense a lot of the more general concepts that are typically discussed and promoted here. For instance, a briefing on The Modules, Equipment, Course design and The Rules for starters… so I should have some of that stuff posted fairly soon.

The goal here is not be the biggest internet golf forum. There are some very popular forums with a lot of riff raff going on. Quality content, respectable posters is much more desirable.

The Video series sounds like a really good idea! Its another great concept with all the other great nuggets found here!
This forum is the only forum I have ever posted on. It took me about a year of visiting this site to feel comfortable to post on here. The majority of other forums are jargon and egocentric. I started this topic because I am truly invested in the wellbeing of this site, and cause I wanted to share my intentions which were obvioulsy wrong and hoped to change. The majortiy of posters here have ballstriking concepts and pure methodologies that far eclipse mine. So when I brought up the topic “forum stall” I guess its because I am so eager to learn new stuff since I had read all the other posts over and over! One day I hope to be able to afford the course and If the public side has this much info I cant imagine the information in the private side.

If I covered a topic in depth 4 years ago, I tend not to go over it again… but the reality is there are a lot of new readers who were not around then, and a lot of this stuff is like buried treasure, and not always easy to find.

Anyone here should feel free to ask questions of myself or other forum members. I do my best to keep up with what is going on both on the private and public sides of ABS.

Last I checked, the private side is about the same size as the public side as far as topics and posts.

I’d noticed the same tbh…

I anticipate the video series like a kid at christmas. I’d also love to see lag do more swing reviews like his peter senior one :slight_smile:

Still some old farts lurking about Hope, who are not students, but appreciate the site and all it offers…which is outstanding. Like Lag says there is all kinds of good stuff in the real early threads, enough to get one started down the road, and even the new threads offer great reading and insights.

But one really has to have a good understanding of the nuances involved both conceptually and through exectution which although the private side is an area unknown to me, I can only imagine it is a great place to be for first hand Lagpressure…both capital and small case letter ‘L’. :sunglasses:

I think slight is correct, players are posting more when they are playing and practicing. They have something to work on or figured something out to post. Thats how it is for me, I post some at once when I get to practice then do not get into posting or checking the site until I can get on the course. I like many of you enjoy this site, many players with common views that are opposed to most modern players. This site allows players to talk about the vintage game without being looked at as idiots. There are many players that are over 60 that I know think it is dumb for me to play with old blades and persimmon and thats the game they played for most of their years.

Got to hit some for a few days after working on module 8 for many months. Even if you are not on module 8 I think this could help players, took me a while to figure out in my full swing. My path has been good from the inside and shallow, but could not get the flight how I like. The solution was simple. My clubface was closed even though everything else was good, my forearms were rotating early. Figured this out when I went back to do some module 1, was not having the club open enough coming into impact. Its interesting thing how all the modules connect and I always find solutions when I go back through the modules from the start.

As a student of 3 to 4 yrs now the info is hidden in all the posts after each module and i will often look back at each one for reminders.Like flatlies also in mod 8,super slotting etc i"m not interested in how far in modules iv"e gone but how much more my ballstriking has improved.The info so called other sites or people have come across has been discovered here by Lag for example the ground force craze Lag figured it out yrs ago and someone figured it out before him. The gear effect of trackman once again Lag has shown us how to use it.Technology measures it and shows the data Lag shows us how to feel it and own it in our swings.The turning of shoulders on k-vest in realation to hips really really we learn this in mod work.Technology today has proven what the Hogans,Sneeds etc etc already knew.Trackman shows you what makes a ball curve mod 9 explain it.Trackman shows why you hit on toe once again mod 3 is the cure. Thestudents on this site will help with whatever ailiament you have just ask.