Forearm Rotation Video

Here is a video made by the head Pro at my home course. In it he is discussing using the forearm to “turn the corner”.

I don’t think is exactly what we learn here at ABS as it seems he is promoting turning over the wrist. But on the whole I find it encouraging to see a PGA teacher promoting a more “proper” technique. Thoughts?


At least he’s teaching people to strengthen their forearms. What I find about people who teach the turn over release through impact, is that even though they say they’re turning the club closed through the whole shot, when you actually take stills they keep the clubface online for a bit past the ball before flipping. It’s all a matter of degrees. The release taught here keeps the clubface square longer, but it’s the same thing for all straight shots.

Also there’s a difference between rotating the forearms through the shot and stall-and-throws.

Looking at the stills again that’s a pretty solid release.