For sale UK - Hogan Bounce Soles and more

Selling a load of iron sets, thought i’d offer them here before sticking them on ebay.

Available are:

Hogan Bounce Soles +1 circa 1972. These have a modern grip but have the original Hogan pinned shafts (3s) i think. 3-E

Slazenger Pinehursts:

Grips are in a bad way but otherwise solid

Wilson Staff Dynapowers:

Took the shafts out of a lot of these so some are head only. Heads in very nice condition.

Mizuno TP9s:

Outstanding condition.

Ram Tour Grind:

8 iron is a bit fubar but otherwise the set is beautiful

Ping Eye 2:

Well i am selling them, don’t expect anyone on here to be interested tho lol

Will also sell a Wilson Staff Tour Driver and 3 wood

Message me or email me if you are interested in any of the above. I can easily do pics as well

Anyone here found buying Ping Eye 2’s will be banned from this site for life! Think I’m kidding? :smiling_imp:

[size=150]NO ABS FOR YOU…
FOR LIFE[/size]

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Good job its not retrospective this guys eh? :wink: