For Sale - a trunk load of the good stuff!

OK, was back on trackman today and have decided to go ahead and purchase a custom set of Miura’s.

That’s the good news, the bad news is they are going to cost me £1200 :open_mouth:

So to try and raise a fair chunk of that cash I am willing to consider offers for some of my vintage sets.

I’m happy to post them anywhere in the world but the postage costs will be added to the sale price so they may suit UK based ABS’ers more than Aus or US.

The sets definitely up for sale are:

CLASSIC SET OF WILSON STAFF FLUID FEEL BLADE IRONS 3:W - a few of the shafts have been pulled
Slazenger Pinehurst 1950’s 3-UW Blade Iron Set - these will definitely need regripped but the heads are in good order
Ben Hogan Bounce Sole 1+ 3-PW Iron Set - these have been regripped but I would imagine the buyer will change the grips as they aren’t in keeping with the club
Mizuno TP9s - these are in really good order but do have regular DGs in them (actually all the clubs do)

I’ll check back in the next few days to see if anyone is interested or you can email me or PM me

andrewnorrby AT hotmail dot com

I also have some Ping eye2s for sale and Titleist 990s and even perhaps a set of Ram Tour Grinds

Hi Styles,

Might be interested in the Bounce Soles +1. have sent you an email.

Cheers, Arnie

Nice… My brother loves 'em so much he wants to quit being a federal cop to become an Australian rep for Miura. Which model are you looking at?

Final decision on which model is a long way from being made but probably the tournament blade, small chance I may mix the set for the lower irons.

Ok Arnie, thanks for the email, will have a read and get back to you