Footage of Bradley Hughes

Hi guys,

I thought it would be nice if we could all see Bradley in action during his career to date so I have started creating some clips out of the footage that Two sent to me a while back when we were trading golf dvds and I asked if he had anything he could share from his own career. Hopefully it will help bring to life or emphasise some of the stories, guidance and tips that Brad has kindly shared with us and inspire some new ones.

I would like to upload segments from time to time so we can watch his progression and there is some great stuff to be shared. Obviously by embedding this footage in the thread and linking it to a fairly anonymous youtube account we only want ABS students to have access to the footage. With this in mind I’d be grateful if links to the video were not forwarded on. Rather than start at the beginning which would have made more sense :blush: I just played around with some footage from the mid 90’s with Bradley in action in the 1994 Presidents Cup and then in the 1996 Australian Masters in which he featured strongly though wasn’t the winner on this ocassion.

Thanks to Cheese as well for teaching me how to embed video on this site.



Great stuff AA! Thanks for getting it loaded.

Two… pretty impressive! Great sound of compression at impact. Looking at the video it just struck me… did you ever meet/know Paul Barnsley? I worked with him in the late 90’s while he was with Haney’s bunch here in Dallas. He hit it pretty good and I know he was an Aussie. A great guy who I remember got some tv time while playing in one of the televised Australian events in 98/99 or so. He also qualified for the Byron Nelson here around that same time.

I think he’s since moved to the northeast and is doing the Hardy thing.


I knew Barnesly growing up. We played amateur events together so saw a bit of each other. he did turn pro but didn’t have much success. i do believe I may have bumped into him at The Nelson one year or I saw him in Aust and he told me he was working with Haney at his place in Dallas.
haven’t seen or heard of him for a while so can’t say what he is up to

Very cool. Nice job Arnie.

Bradley holding shaft flex…


I really enjoyed watching that clip. Thanks for posting Arnie.

Brad, when you watch that back what are your thoughts? We’ve had chats in the past and you told me about when it all went sour but when you watch that do you think to yourself “I need to get back on the stage” or has that boat sailed?

I hadn’t realised you played the Open in 2006, clearly the magic has only fallen asleep rather than left you.

I would love it if both you and Lag decided to enter The Open next year. International qualifying looks piss easy compared to US Open qualifying and as Tom Watson demonstrated, Lag would be able to compete even with his old hickory woods! lol!

I really lost my enthusiasm for golf after a crap divorce. It all became about money. I was playing with zero enjoyment and was playing to appease her instead of playing golf because I loved it, like I once did.

I am really starting to enjoy golf again. I have had little time to practice that much as I have had my kids from that marriage with me and been trying to teach a little to find some $$. My ex has just about wiped me dry of cash so I can’t even really go play anywhere as it costs $$ to do so and I am still not at the point where I feel I can go play well again yet,.

I am going to San Francisco in another month to visit Lag and go watch the Presidents Cup together and play some golf each day. That will be fun.
I know I can’t just lose all those bad habits that were coached into my swing for 15 years instantly overnight and it will take a lot of module work to get them out. So, I am giving myself at least one full year and taking a very easy club pro job to gain some cash and give myself plenty of time to practice and play and bag modules… working back the good habits that Lag teaches into my game…as I did once have something close to what we are looking for…and fitness and get myself to a point again where I am ready to go play again with no fear or worries and I am playing for myself and no-one else. I never even used to give a hoot about money. I just used to play because I was good at golf and loved to travel and play. Then she just made it all one BIG DRAG and the life was sucked out of me.
I really feel I still have some good golf left in me…I just can’t force it or rush it. I am still healthy and once I get my swing back to being second nature again, it will all work out…probably right about the time I have to top paying my ex alimony money !!!
Sorry to talk about her that much, but it WAS that bad . It does give me some inspiration for down the road here now and I actually like to practice and play again, I just need to find some more time to do so.

I understand Hugo and its good you can reveal as much of yourself on here.

Its sad that what was your joy from when you were a kid became associated with the ex wife and caused you to turn away from what you are really good at.

I guess you can relate to John Cleese, as he said of his recent divorce settlement, “I think I got off lucky, imagine how much it would have cost if Alice had contributed to the marriage!”

Mate I hope you get the game back and get back to the big stage. Watching that footage of you it is clear that it is where you belong. You looked so in control of your game. You knew you belonged there, the crowds did and the announcers said it as well.

Good luck getting your game back mate! See you at the Open!

Bradley I didn’t know your background or history coming into here… I’m just learning all this stuff now as I never golfed until I was 35… excuse my ignorance. But it seems to me you come from a background where you really did it all for the right reasons… and in -that- generation… I guess everyone did.

Like Norman, and Watson, and even some of the younger ones, you have the advantage of playing competitive golf when you really had to have more than distance in your hip pocket. I’m sure if you have the determination, and with Lag’s ‘tools’… we’re going to see you again. You’ll pretend you don’t know us, and refuse autograph requests… I can see it now.

now, now Prot. Take it easy on Hugo.

We have talked about this and when he is back to his best and winning all round the world, you will be able to buy his autograph from me for a reasonable price :laughing:

Gee thanks Styles! But I’d pay double if you get a lock of his hair for me!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great footage, thanks for posting this.

Bradley, what a golfer you are! I have only got interested in this addiction - golf - a couple of years back so I didn’t know of you until recently but watching that footage and the quality of your shots I honestly believe it’s only a matter of time before I see you live on tv competing on Sunday at an important tournament, especially since, as you say, you now enjoying playing again like you used to.

Prot- I will look after you !! Styles is my master anyhow as he some good pics with dirt on me for blackmail !! I do what he says
Pipp- thanks. Hopefully we can add some more vid clips for fun to watch as we go along. I recently tried to add the 93 Aust Masters final day. Although I had whittled it down in size from avi to mpg- the length of the clip was too long to post to youtube- so I may have to segment it

In the meantime- here’s a cool comparison pic I noticed as i was flicking through my saved pics
Ben Hogan hitting on the range at Augusta (mid 50’s?) Bradley Hughes hitting on the range in Dec 1981 at 14 years of age

I think someone has a great comparison photo of Lag and Hogan around the impact position also. I can’t find it at the moment. Would be a good one to post too…

Here you go Two - always fun!


would love to see a video of you hitting the impact bag.

I will have to work on the video of me on the bag. Files get too large. I do have a few still shots we took from the deck in San Fran of me and the bag below

Module 1 right hand keeping the flex

Into impact both hands module 1 and 2

here’s a sneak peak at some advanced work and how my downswing is evolving working down into the impact bag

Thanks Two Masters! Those pics are awesome. It’s just too good!

Can’t wait to start M #2, just waiting for Mr. Miyagi (lag) to start me on “paint the fence”.

Thanks for the sneak peak.

Hugo didn’t get those forearms painting fences!

Gee whiz mate, those would rival Popeye’s!!

You build the biceps and triceps using the elbow…

But the forearms are built by using the wrists, and forearm rotation.
If the hands are passive in the golf swing… why are fine strikers like Bradley and other greats littered with big strong forearms?

Hogan, Player, Palmer, Snead, Nicklaus, Tiger, Norman, Seve, Woosnam, …something to ponder…

I was just reading in another thread about how some old course records are still standing today, even with all the equipment advances and agricultural advances of course setup and grooming.

It made me think about the fact that I still have the course record at my home club where I grew up-- Rossdale GC-- in Aspendale, Victoria

The course is Par 73-- When I was 14 years old and 10 months I shot a 9 under score of 64… I am pretty certain that still holds up till this day…and I have never beaten that score again even though I used ‘old’ wooden clubs and a Spalding Hot Dot ball

I believe these pics were actually from the day–I went out for some more holes later and my friend snapped my swing for reference because I had such a good day