Foam Filling?

hey guys,

I have an R9 driver that I have been trying to figure out what to do with. Normally I play my persimmon 2 wood and then my irons and honestly havent really found a need for other woods.

I was thinking today about removing the hozel plug of the R9, filling the driver with the non expanding foam you can buy at home depot, bending it to ABS specs and tipping my x shaft a little more to see if I could get it to the correct stiffness.

Has anyone experimented with foam in their modern drivers? I would think that it might take away that harshness and ugly sound that is so popular in the titanium drivers.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated and if it hasn’t been tried… I will sacrifice it.


I’ve hit a foamed R9. It’s not mine, and I’ve only hit it a couple of times, but it’s definitely an improvement in sound and feel. The swingweight will go up too.

Good luck getting near ABS specs as far as the lie angle though. And if you do, show us pics. I would love to get my modern driver set up flatter.

Do you know what kind of foam they used? Im thinking about non expanding insulation foam. Im hoping they have it at my local hardware store.

I got the lie angle close. I think after I foam it tomorrow I may buy some other r9 component and get to work getting a 3wd, 5wd down to spec as well. I also need to pick up a protractor to figure out the lie angle exactly but its not far off.

A combination of a torch, vice and a couple of bumps with something stuck down the hozel does the trick as far as lie angle.

I think if you take the shaft out of the adapter, Jam something metal down it, and then have a go at bending it you could get even more movement. I probably only got a couple degrees but it wasnt as tough as I thought it would be.

I’ll post pics when/If I get it down to spec.