Flattening driver?

I recently had my two sets of Wilson’s flattened 5 degrees. It immediately cured me from pull/hooking my irons which had been a problem for many years. Would having a flatter driver have the same effect even though it was on a tee?

It would have the same effect especially if you had the same or similar shaft in it.
Most drivers however have whippier shafts relative to iron shafts. Thinner tips, even while tapered, but will have more play in them typically.

Now if you put in the stiffest shaft you can find, and combine that with a properly flattened driver, you won’t see the left side too often if your golf swing is anywhere near competent.

Thanks Lag, I’m beginning to realize that many of my problems stem from equipment rather than my swing. I demoed a new driver recently with an allegedly extra stiff shaft and hit it dead straight 5 times in a row. I should have realized something was up. Club fitting is apparently a lost art today.