Flattened Persimmons

Thanks Neil, hopefully we have the flattened persimmon and blades market in the UK almost sewn up :wink:

I am looking forward to trying the George Bayer and having it teach me a lesson or two!

Cheers, G

how do you go through refilling the hole for redrilling the bore. I think thats the messier part of the process. I wonder if there is something in the hardware store that is quick setting and does not involve adding the sawdust and dripping from everywhere.


I just do exactly as Lags does. I imagine that sawdust mixed with epoxy is the best thing to replace the original wood. I am not sure I would like to be under any time pressure using anything that sets any faster than an hour. The one hour stuff also gives a bit of time for any air bubbles to rise up before it sets. If you can remove the pins without sawing away any wood, then it is a lot less messy (thanks to Robbo for that one).

Anyone in the market for a flattened persimmon… NRG has a couple nice ones… and they are guaranteed for 3 years even against the modern plastic golf balls. If you have bent your irons flat, the next step is to get into flat persimmons.

I have this Hogan Apex persimmon driver for sale…$65 shipped to lower 48 states…anywhere else on the planet $60 plus shipping costs

It has nice grain and is in very good condition…sits flat at address so in my opinion no extra work need be done for ABS students to put the club in play…
Apex 4 shaft (stiff) and has a brand new Golf Pride tour velvet cord grip on it…44 inches in length

PM me…first in …best dressed…wins it for their own collection and use


I also have a few other items on “Flea-Bay” in auction format


click on the link above to be directed to E-Bay page of listed items

That MacGregor Hogan persimmon you used in Vegas is one of the purest blocks I have ever seen. Stock flat, I would guess around 50 degree lie angle. It would be fun if you could snap a pic of that and post it.

Of course I know you won’t be putting that one up for auction!