Flattened 1st Fairway Wood..Mac DX,,

Hello All…
By appearances it does not appear the DX line was a ‘desirable’ set of woods… but got driver, 3 and 5 woods
for $14.00 at a thrift store… so who can complain! :slight_smile: Flattened to 47 deg… ( a bit more than planned!)… and plugged in an x100, thing took a lot of lead
in the sole and rear of club to get it to 14 + oz…
Finish was decent so steel wool and a couple of clear coats was all I felt like messing with … Will have to work my pivot hard to get this working :smiley:

Cheers !
photo (3).jpg
photo (2).jpg

You’re getting really good at this Dale, neck looks great.

Thanks NRG !
Still too flat for my swing though.(3 weeks MOD2). I remeasured and it’s at 46 deg… hit it today ball going waist high and EVERYTHING RIGHT… at this point I really to need to keep my drivers and fway woods at 50-51 deg… so I can at least get the damn thing airborne… Drill. drill drill as Lag Says! :smiley:

take care!

I find fairway woods harder to do than drivers cause its more difficult to grip them in the vice becasue of the extra loft. But if you can set them in the vice so that you are drilling as close to vertically as possible, then you should be able to make adjustments to the lie as you drill deeper. You can also enlarge the hole that comes through the bottom of the club with a bigger drill bit. That will allow you to adjust the lie angle before you fit the shaft. I prefer to do them a little bit upright, then enlarge the hole and fit a screw right at the tip of the shaft inside the head to flatten it out a bit.

Great tips!
I’ll give another a go soon!

Dale - Good work. I can’t tell from the picture for sure but start thinking about seeing if the insert is tight when the sole plate is off. The face screws will usually come out fairly easily if you get the right driver bit. Clean the screws really well and tap the bit in lightly to set it using a small hammer before you try to turn it. Sometimes the first move is to tighten the screw just a tad then try to back it out. If the insert is loose you can slide a thin blade behind it and see if it will pop out. Sand to remove the old glue and rough up the cavity a bit to provide a good surface for the new epoxy. You can then re-set it and clean residual epoxy up before it sets. A small detail worth doing is to line up the screw grooves north to south (+) and not (x). A loose insert will show cracks behind it where it meets the cavity after you hit it a few times so it is a worthwhile repair and easy. If the insert does not pop out then leave it alone. Mike

Thanks Mike,
I have removed and re- epoxied a few inserts that looked suspect, just like you described…
this one was in fine shape,… except I can’t hit it yet at 46 degress flat!!, Lotta work do do
on my swing… will prove to be a great training club I am sure!..