Flat Swings and Deep Face vs Shallow face Persimmons

I have always had a liking for the look of deep face persimmons such as the Mac LFF MO9, Penna JS or even the Irving King 32B which I recently bought. I wondered if there was any advantage for a deep faced persimmon over a shallow faced equivalent with a flat swing? I was mulling on this quote form Lag from way back at the beginning of the LTLGM thread: (highlighting is mine):

So if with a flatter swing the open and closing the clubface has more in relative terms to do with trajectory and not direction is there any advantage in a deeper faced club or is it irrelevant?

Cheers, Arnie

Other than the obvious of more surface area to make contact with, for the deeper face…

The shallower face persimmons are better to hit off the ground, because there is a bit more mass lower to get the ball up.
The deeper face drivers have more mass above the ball which tends to keep the ball down. These would only be general guidelines, because it then depends upon whether or not you are holding shaft flex and to what degree.