First Annual Advanced Ball Striking UK gathering!

Well, unofficial gathering!

Alex Saary is travelling to Northern Ireland next weekend to spend a bit of time with me. We are being joined for a hit by Mark who is also an ABS student so its kind of a get together. It’d be great if we could do it on a regular basis, next time Arnie we’ll try to give you more notice and you can join us!

Anyway, I’ll post a full report after the event and I’m pretty sure Alex is brining his Casio so there should be a ton of kewl photos and clips to look at too!

No worries Styles, I’ll look forward to that. hope you have a great time and look forward to seeing the clips on here.

All the best, Arnie

What a blast!

Two of the nicest guys I have ever met and we got a great weekend of weather!

I’ll leave it up to aguille to get some clips up!

I’ll try and upload a photo of us on the first tee at Clandeboye later in the week.

If you are in the yookay you have to ensure you are available for next years get together!

It was great to meet and play with Alex and Styles, both very accomplished players and all round great guys. Alex is probably Lag’s hardest working student and his ballstriking was outstanding, in the first round, he missed one fairway by a couple of yards and a couple of greens by the same margin. He could have conceivably had a crack at the course record if the greens were in better condition.

Alex credited the hard work he has done on Lag’s modules for the transformation in his game since joining the class in March. I joined at the same time and it was very encouraging and inspiring to see the quality of his game.

Styles is a swinger with a great short game and putting stroke, I am sure he will reach his target of scratch or better, just needs to cut out the one or two damaging holes per round.

It was good to meet up, play and discuss Lag’s methodology and I think it would be a great idea to organise an official meeting for as many of us that can get there. Maybe Lag will put in a guest appearance!

I can only echo what Aguille said.

The craic was mighty both on and off the course.

Alex was scary good when we played on Friday. I had never heard golf shots like that before! As said above, but for the greens he could have been 10 under!

Still, the ‘Dean Witter’ shot of the day belonged to me! A 240 yard 3 wood into 6 feet on the par 5 6th - and I holed the putt for eagle!

I’m going to try and upload a few swings from the weekend. Mostly me, but one of Aguille in there too. Thanks to Cheesedonkey for the tech help!

Hopefully this works!
Golf_on_27th_Sept…zip (7.17 MB)

well, that wasn’t ideal!

I’ll try again with Aguille’s tee shot on the tenth.

it’s saying “the extension mov is not allowed”

I’ve found the easiest way to get video up is to upload to a youtube account and then embed the url of the vid into your post by bracketing it with [youtube] [/youtube].

I believe the types of files you can upload in the public section of the board are limited (although Lag may wish to change that). I think the student section would permit it though, so you might try there if you don’t want to go the youtube route.

First tee at Clandeboye

nice shot of my shoe!

No idea how to resize - sorry!

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves - not a persimmon driver amongst the lot of you! :smiley:

Hi Styles,

I have resized the pic in your original post so hopefully its a bit easier to see. The tech advice on attachments etc can be found here:

Cheers, Arnie

Teddy is of course right and to redress the balance I have attached a picture of the persimmons I am currently using (this week lol!) - my Wilson HB’s. Hope I get chance to show you in person next year…

Glad you had a great time…

Cheers, Arnie

hehe Arnie, no worries, you can play with whatever you like mate, just make sure you turn up!

Aguille had the flat blades on Friday, I’ll let him tell you himself what he was packing on Monday morning lol!

Anyway, we will be doing it again so make sure you’re available.

To whet your appetite about it, I think next time we should do either a west coast links tour of Carne, Rosses Point and Enniscrone or a North coast links tour and take in Murvagh, Ballyliffen, Castlerock and Portstewart (not to mention Royal Portrush!).

Hell, maybe we’ll get everyone over for a week and do 'em all!

Sounds like great fun. Would love to make the trip from California to join you guys. Maybe someday(sigh).


Come on then Aguille…Styles has set you up, you didn’t let him bully you into some of those hockey sticks he uses did he :wink:

Cheers, Arnie

No worries Arnie, that was a bit of a setup, lol! I played a modern Taylormade set bent 4 degrees flat and the flat blades I played on Friday were a modern set of Nike irons.