Fire the right hand...

Easily said, but maybe not so easily done or else we wouldn’t all start by blowing lag in the down swing, right?

This drawing confuses me though. The concept is solid, but is Sam saying in the drawing that the point in the swing in which you see the illustrated hand is when the right hand starts firing? Because I really would have guessed it would be the 5th or maybe 6th set of hands back from impact… that’s where I’ve worked so hard to start feeling like the right hand is going to town on the ball.

Ah… wait a second. Now I get it… the darker (or more filled in) the right hand is, the more Sam feels he is ‘pouring it on’. Now that makes sense. I missed that the first time around.

Yes similar principal of the depth of the shading showing the depth of pressures in Hogan’s 5 lessons I guess.