Finesse Wedge Shots

What are your thoughts on the shorter, say the 20-30-40-50 yard “basic” pitch shots? Do we apply the ABS protocols throughout the entire bag? Do we open the face to the sky and find the 4:30 line on the pitch shot? It’s been a guessing game for me.

I find that opening up your stance and moving your vector a tiny bit to the left is almost essential.

What I believe is paramount for great pitch shots is the ability to play with ground preassures and acceleration.

As described by Sevam1 in his move video the continious turn clockwise of the right leg should be maintained to just until you swing through the ball.

It’s almost a feeling that you hit with your hands coming from the 4:30 line and the preassure built towards the ball in sync.

The distance shouldn’t be judged by the lenght of the swing but the force and acceleration you put in it.

I prefer float loading for all swings, there’s far more margin of error than if you had the club 90* to your front arm in your backswing right away.

Look at Jack Nicklaus for driver swings then look at Steve Stricker for wedge swings, the only difference is that Jack had more leverage with his legs and right elbow, but the rate of their left wrist cocking in their backswings are essentially the same.

If you have a fast left wrist cocking rate and right elbow bending rate in your early backswing, that will be harder to time on wedge shots.

I’ve nothing to offer from an ABS perspective, but a guy I’ve had instruction from here in the UK is Dan Grieve who is a top short game coach (Georgia Hall, Charlie Hull). He has a really good Instagram feed @dangrievegolf and has a 3 release system which has really worked well for me and makes the 30, 50, 70 yard shots simple. Good luck with your game.

Paul, just checked his IG page and there is some really good information. also ordered his book.


With flattened wedges/short irons, is it possible that I’m too shallow? Currently hitting skulled shots, shanks, extremely short shots with scalped divots.

Sounds like a whole lot of issues but maybe not the clubs :slight_smile: Maybe put some film on here. You could be: way off plane, weight on back foot, weight on toes (shank producer), bad ball position etc.

You can check for lie angle issues easily. Vertical line on the ball, hit it and see if it’s a vertical line on the club face. Flatter wedges tend to help with partial wedge shots IMO.

Getting my wedges heavier has helped my wedge game a lot. All 3 on my wedges are about 520 grams. I used to be a pathetic wedge player and now I’m pretty comfortable - not an expert but can hit them well enough. I have extra weight on both ends of the clubs to get them where I like them.

Check lie, check where you make contact, maybe play around with weight. After that it’s technique and practice, but the proper setup makes the technique easier.