Finally might we see a ball roll back?

So rumor has it that three major golf ball manufacturers have been asked to submit golf balls to the USGA traveling 10-20% less, and a trial event on the (R&A) Canadian Tour to take place with the new ball.

The sad thing is it sounds like if any changes take place, it’ll only be for professional golf.

Here’s an article by someone who just doesn’t get it.

No, they don’t get it… but I commented at the bottom putting in my two cents…
Hope I don’t have a blooded goats head delivered to my doorstep in the middle of the night.

Golf needs to follow other sports and divide itself. I’m really surprised it hasn’t happened yet in a big way.
One ruling body, made up of a few that probably at this point simply don’t understand the nuances that have been
left behind, needs competition.

20,000 golf courses in North America being obsoleted for proper competition makes no sense, especially if you look at some
of the locations of the greatest courses being right in metropolitan areas. Many simply can’t retro fit to the new game, and
they shouldn’t have to.

A golf course that is 7400 yards is not better just because it is longer. This is what really needs to be understood.