FINALLY ! Flattened Persimmon Survives!

Well Team,
It has been a hard fought battle, but looks like this one might make it to the finish line!
She’s sitting at around 48 deg., came out a bit more open than I wanted but all in all pretty happy with the outcome,
Thought I’d post some pics before I stain , clear coat and whip it (whipping came in the post box today!), just in case the house burns down tonight and now one believes me…given all my rants as of late ! :smiley:
Hope to post pics of the finished prod. this weekend if I don’t manage to botch that !!

Happy Labor Day Weekend All!
flat mac 2 wd sle.JPG
flat mac 2 wd fce.JPG
flat mac 2 wd.JPG

Finished this today, came out pretty decent!.. still had a few stumbles when paint filling and whipping… but the learning curve is starting to flatten out, thank god ! :slight_smile:


Dale, good job on following through to completing your persimmon. I know it’s been tough but don’t you feel a sense of satisfaction and pride now? Just running out and buying the latest TaylorMade $500 driver would never give you the same feeling.

Now you just have to go out and play it and let us know how it works for you.

Have fun!!!

Good stuff Dale, top man! The finish looks really good.


Looks great… what a sweet block to work on also… that took some guts for sure. I love the old school whipping on there also… nice touch.

What kind of grip did you put on it?
Let me know if you need a “new old stock” vintage grip on it… I would be more than happy to send you one.

Thanks Guys, for the support, a bit hard to describe the mental investment,… some tears
were nearly shed along the way… !!..:smiley: I definitely can offer a few tips of my own now!!
This is light years greater in the satisfaction dept. as opposed to plopping
down big $$ for the latest over-marketed P.O.S…
Finish- wise I just used MinWax Red Mahogany Stain, and some Automotive Polyurethane Clear Coat designed to finish wheels and Rims…got it at Auto- Zone…
Lag, I picked up a small lot of Mints so thats the grip choice…
Needs a week or 2 to cure, will post how she hits after I give it a go… hate to hit range rocks with this though!! :astonished:

thanks again,


Got a chance to play this club today, couldn’t’ be more pleased… !!
A bit strange getting use to setting up to the flatter angles… but does get the knees flexed … just gotta keep em- there!
I have it deadweighted at 14. oz… and shafted with an X100.
While my round today was nothing to write home about (87 on fairly easy track) I did have 2 highlights!

1- 232 yard par three bunkered left pin tucked left, hit a solid high draw that felt OOhh so solid !!.. pin- high on the right fringe , putt drained for birdie… my 2 playing partners were slack- jawed ! :smiley:

2- 352 short dog- leg right ALL uphill… tee’d it up with this baby solid baby draw up the right side shortened the dog leg,
90 yards out, out drove BOTH of my titanium adversaries by 20 yards! :stuck_out_tongue: 2 putts for par… again head-shaking from my partners, as they both looked way longer off the tee when they hit!

Too much fun, back to work on a Citation driver for my next flattening project!