Fave T-shirts

Wasn’t sure where to post this one, but I settled on here.

There’s a 3 course resort in Texas called Horseshoe Bay that hosts some big amateur events. All 3 are Robert Trent Jones designs. They held the state 4-ball a few years back using 2 of the courses… Ram Rock and Slick Rock. Ram is a beast and I think Tom Kite still holds the course record at something like 68.

I just HAD to pick up this tee-shirt from that weekend:


It just soooo spoke for itself!


How about an ABS T-shirt. Gotta have one…

But it has to be way cool, like one would get at a rock concert:

Heavy thread black- no shrink.
Nice full back colors…like Harley shirts are in back
Little lettering near breast area, maybe even a small design with some color.


Those course, particularly Ram Rock, are tough. One of the holes on Ram Rock…maybe 16 is ridiculous. You hit uphill to a very narrow fairway with trees on the left that overhang so you really only have about 2/3rds of the fairway to use. From there it is 175 down to one of the smallest greens I can remember with bunklr left, water right and trees overhanging on both sides. Play that one with a 25 mile an hour wind common in Texas and you have a hole that destroys a decent round. That is what I remember most about Ram Rock…the greens are kind of clovers, which creates unfair targets for your approach shots. Still beautiful down there and I always enjoy going.