EZ Grips.

Has anyone tried these yet? I’d think they would allow you to make your own ribbed grips pretty easy. No struggling with sliding a tight grip over your ribbing. I might have to give 'em a shot.


The cover of the box says the Phil and Jack use them… don’t think so, lol.


I am going to give them a try. Can you tell me the advantage of ribbing them and is the technique pretty straight-forward?


I would just buy grips that are already ribbed… it would save a heap of time and work
Just slide the ribbed grips on over your tape as per usual with solvent or petrol and you are good to go
Golf pride have all sorts of pre ribbed grips… sizes 58 and 60…
model 58R means the grip is round…model 58 means they are ribbed
Or at least that’s how they used to do it
Plus doing that you don’t have to wait 24 hours for the grip to settle like these ones. And don’t have to concern yourself if it settles ‘right’ for you

I think Mickelson did use these a long time ago–as you can see by his skinny picture on the box-- but uses black/white multi compound grips now

I’ve screwed up many a grip… For some reason I have a brain lock when trying to do them myself. If I hade a vice it may be easier, and I’ve watched all the YouTube vids you can find… I still screw it up, lol.

I thought these might be a little easier.

Just fold up some 2" tape until you have the desired width o your rib, stick it to the shaft, and slide on this grip. It should shrink around the shaft and tape and leave a nice rib… I not just toss it. They sell on eBay super cheap.

they look like a good option if you want to build the rib up more and they look like they can help eliminate some pilot error…if they are cheap and work give it a shot and let us know how they work out…certainly no harm in trying them if you can add your personal touch to how you want them set up


You mentioned in a previous post you like Tour Velvet grips. Are those made by Golf Pride?

Golf Pride call them tour velvet… Lamkin and other companies may call them something different

golfpride.com/Grips/Default. … tourvelvet

follow the link to tour velvet page and more of their grips to see and read about thickness, styles, cord, ribbed and such

I got them in the mail today and put three of them on… 2 wedges and my practice 1 iron. Went on VERY easy, as expected. I made a rib out of some wire and taped it to the shaft. The Griptec grips still slid over the top very easily. We’ll see how they come out. Should take 24 hrs to shrink.

Hey Pinzer,

I should be getting mine any day. Got them on Ebay for $ 4.40 plus shipping. I figured for the price they where worth the try. Not much to lose. Eager to hear how you like them…littlealm


I got mine from the same guy. He may be the only distributor because I can’t find jack-s**t about them online.

I grabbed one of the wedges this morning. The grip has shrunk considerably already, but it still felt squishy. I’m hoping it firms up ALOT. We’ll see. The rib came out good, but I have a few questions about it’s location that I’ll probably start another thread about.

Initial impressions:

-Too soft for my liking. Feel much like a Winn wrap.

-Easy to install
-Easy to install
-Easy to install

I’ll be removing them today.


I was just getting on the forum to ask you how you like them and I see your answer. Oh well, now we know…littlealm

I kept the grip on my practice club, and after a week it is markedly firmer. I’d say in between a Winn and Tour Velvet… closer to a TV at this point. I have renewed faith!!

Did you try 'em Littlealm?

My internet has been down since Wednesday and we finally got it back today. WHAT A PAIN! I have been having ABS Forum withdrawals.

I did get my grips and put one on a practice club on Thursday. I felt the same when I first put it on and that was it was pretty squishy after 24 hours. I am actually liking it a lot better now after 3 1/2 days. I was swinging it last night. It seems to set up a little more each day. I have some Tour Velvets on a couple of woods and it seems pretty close. I am going to give it a few more days and then hit some balls with it. If I like it I will probably put them on some Hogans. All I can say is: if they work out–thanks to your post—GREAT FIND AND GREAT PRICE!

I added the grips back onto my wedges about a week ago after seeing how firm the practice club had become. I’m guessing the wedge grips are as firm as they are going to get now. I had them with me at the range yesterday and REALLY liked them. My initial impressions at the start of this trial were poor as the EZ Grips felt too soft, but over time they tend to get firmer. They are very close if not exactly as firm as my Tour Velvets now.

What I liked most was the rib I made. It makes such a difference for me. I used some copper wire (not sure of the size, but pretty small… besides, how the heck would I check to see if it’s USGA regulation anyhow?) and it worked out great. So good in fact that last night after a very good range session I stripped all the Tour Velvet’s off my irons and put these on. I made ribs again (placed at 6 o’clock), and now I know just to let them sit for 7-10 days until they are completely healed.

Basing my final judgement on the wedges already in play I have to give these grips the following scores:

Ease of use: 10 (this is the best feature, you can really tinker with them without too much hassle)
Cost: 10 (this is the 2nd best feature, you can really tinker with them without it costing too much money)
Durability: N/A
Tackiness: 6 (I haven’t played extensively with them yet to see if they get tackier/slicker post cleaning)
Feel: Mid-Firm, similar to TV but not quite… firmer than Winn
Look: 3 (but who really cares, not me)
Options: None from what I can tell. Color, style, etc are limitted to 1 option.

As far as I can tell you can only purchse them from Ebay, and there is only one seller there. I have searched extensively and can’t find squat. The good news is that no one seems to be buying them and many of the auctions go unsold, so you can pick them up for the base price… $3 or $4 plus shipping. Total about $15 for a set of 15 grips. The 15 grip quantity is both a good and bad thing. They come in packs of 3 and you MUST use all 3 within 12 hours after the package is opened. So if you’re re-gripping 13 clubs you’ll waste a few, but it leaves room for any problems that may arise.