Extensor Action and right elbow position

Hi Lag,

Not being from a TGM background I’m not particularly schooled in the virtues of extensor action. Outside of keeping the left arm straight and the swing radius constant, what other benefits does it have in your view? When I experimented with it a little today I felt that, it helped me establish and maintain a good left arm position across the chest (#4 ?) and get into a pitch position with my right elbow in front of my right hip rather than behind it. Any thoughts?



That all sounds good…

one thing to keep in mind is the direction of the pressure… it’s best to have it pushing under plane,
or down towards the ground… not inline with the shaft… because this is what we really want to be feeling
as we go through the impact arena…

Be aware that extensor action can sometimes thwart wrist cock… so play with that a bit… and get back to us here…