Equipment alert

Just a quick alert about a couple of set I found on the Columbus Ohio craigslist.
Set 1 - mt2 cf4000. 4 persimmon woods and full set of irons. There is only 1 pic but the iron faces look good. It is hard to tell much more. $150.

Set 2 - 1950’s m75 colokroms. This looks like the same set I treks to buy last fall, but I live too far away for the seller and we could not work things out. The pic shoe a coupe of individual club faced then the rest of the set in plastic iron head covers. If these are the same clubs I tried to purchase they were said to be the m75 colokroms.

I do not know either of the sellers, but wanted to pass the info along. Surely someone here can put these to good use.


Colokroms are $50.