Elmore Just: Thoughts on Golf and the direction of the Game


This touching and heart felt letter was sent to me yesterday, I suggest all fans of the game of golf new or old read this:

Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

That is a fine and well crafted ode to a fine gentlemen with unshakeble integrity, and a great explanation as to how the game has fallen to its current state;
of which I certainly fell victim.
I am grateful to have found this this path counter to the commercial madness. What a hero this guys was!
I have copied this to my desk top and will forward to as many of my golfing companarios’ as possible !


Just = golf artist as clubmaker…

Callayway et al = scientist as club maker

Such a shame the artists are a dying breed. I’d rather hand over my hard earned for a set designed by a player than a white coat anyday. Same as I’ll get more satisfaction from driving an “old school” sports car compared to a modern electronic laden one. Sure I’ll be faster in the new car laden with the gizmo’s, but I’ll learn more about my skillset and have more fun in the car with a manual gearbox and no electronic stability program!

Thanks for posting Lag. Inspiring stuff :slight_smile:

I met another persimmon hold out down at Scratch Golf (not to be confused with the other Scratch Golf).
Jim Sullivan had about every classic set of blades one could imagine in his shop in Oceanside. Elmore would have
been happy to see this place. Anyone looking for something specific might want to have a visit if you are ever visiting deep down into Southern California. He had a set of Spalding Tour Model Stainless blades from 53 still in the box, never been hit.
Incredible stuff.