Electric Heat Gun

Hi folks,

I was going to see if I could pick up an Electric Heat Gun to help with everything from reshafting to removing old grip tape. I want to make sure that I get something that gets the job done so any advice on minimum specs or attachments would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks, Arnie

My friend who used to do my clubs for me had a real skill at doing stuff like that. He used a Black and Decker Heat Gun that you can get at Home Depot and swore by it.



Can’t help with your question because I have always just used the propane torch…


Thanks guys - any pros / cons on propene torch vs heat gun?

Cheers, Arnie

Maybe just one less thing to plug in and my electrical outlets aren’t that close to the bending machine…(sometimes I do a pre-heat while in the machine for those large bends to the flat side)

I don’t see too many negatives to the cheap torch plus they seem to last forever because they are only ignited for a short time usually

The heat from torch is more intense and difficult to adjust whereas the hot gun normally has adjustments if you don’t need or can’t use the full power.

I’ve used the heat gun primarily for removing titanium driver heads that were bonded with the much better/stronger epoxies used today (more “indirect” heat has to be applied for a longer period of time before the bond will break). Less potential to mess up the paint finish with the gun vs a propane torch.

I agree with Pippolo that the propane torch seems to work better/faster for really heating up the rod used for removing persimmon heads. If you’re going to be working on full sets of irons, the heat gun might be a better option.

As far as old grip tape, I have pretty good luck with a carpet knife if I can get it to peel off by hand.