Ebay - Hogan APEX Persimmons + Hogan PC´s

Looks like somebody found a bag full of Hogans in his garage and is offering the whole pack + Hogan bag on ebay. In case some of you are intrested in it, and maybe you can make a bargain:
cgi.ebay.de/VINTAGE-Lot-13-Hogan … 5adc0a4c98

The bidding for this item is over. On the same page I came across a golf club set. It is a vintage Hogan Apex PC Golf Club Set. It comes with the original Red-white-blue bag. My uncle is an avid golfer and I have seen the same stuff with him. The cost is US $170, 16. I think it is reasonable. I feel that I should go ahead and purchase it. But to be on the safer side I would like to request my fellow bloggers to give their opinion regarding the price.