dynapower shaft flex

I just got a set of dynapowers with black shaft bands. my understanding is that Wilson used black on regular flex shafts. Can someone confirm for me if that is correct?

The red ones were stiff… for sure in the later years. Some of the 50’s Dynas the black bands and plugs came stiff. Not sure what year that changed.

Are the red ones stiff even if the shaft band has an “R” on it. I have a late 50s early 60s set, which red rubber caps and a red shaft band that has “r” on it. I haven’t hit them much because I assumed they were regular and I would have to reshaft and just haven’t gotten around to it. Heads are pristine so it would be great to just length, flatten and go.

NFB, know this is and old thread, hoping you’‘ll catch it… got a set of 62’ Dynas coming wih the “Pro Shafts” and 'R" designation…
not real eager to do a reshaft if they are decent stiffness, how did your Dynas play with the “R” flex?


I have a set of 1965 Dynas w/ red end plug and “r” on the shaft label. I had them measured w/ a shaft frequency deal and they came out as a tiny bit stiffer than regular, but definitely not stiff.

Also, for anyone that has this current model, or similar models - were you able to achieve bending to lag specs? I took mine to a guy at Edwin Watts and had him measure the 4 iron - it came out to be about 7 degrees more upright than “Lag specs” and had more loft than a 5 iron. He tried to bend it and could only bend it a few degrees for both lie and loft. I’m going to take them to another guy here in town, but was wondering if this was a common problem w/ 60’s Dynas.

Thanks for the post Kangaroo!.

When My 62’'s arrive I will take them to my guy to get bent, and let you know how they come out…
I just hand him Lags Spec.s and he handles it… not had an issue yet…
I was afraid that the “R”'s would be a bit loose… will have to shop around and see what shafts I can plug in them!


I actually took the Dynas to another guy this afternoon and had the shafts re-measured - turns out they came out as 4.5s on Precision’s measuring system (5.0 regular, 6.0 stiff, 7.0 x-stiff), so my earlier claim of them being “stiffer” than regular was false.

Also, I had him try to bend them and he managed to get the 2-iron to 19* loft (started at 22*) and 54* lie (started at 59*). He claimed they wouldn’t go any farther.

In addition to the above, I also had him pull the original less-stiff-than-regular-stiffness shaft in an attempt to put my PX 6.0s in them. Turns out the 65’s hosel diameter is .320 - my PXs were apparently .370s. He said he could bore them out to fit a .355 tapered, but alas, I did not have the correct shafts laying around.

Just some helpful information for anyone who has this era Wilson Dynas!

Sounds like my 62’ s are in for a rebore!..

good info